UIT moves R&SS, MMS to new sites

As workloads fluctuate or change and personnel come and go, University Information Technology is making a few changes. Recently and in the coming months, UIT staff offices have moved or will move. Sage Hall is undergoing a planned, three-year transformation into a student success center, which means more changes are in store. Here is the information available now with more to be shared as plans develop.

R&SS moves to the General Academic Building

Photos of Rich Herrington and Jon StarkweatherThe Research and Statistical Support team recently moved to the General Academic Building, rooms 535A and 535B. Consultants Richard Herrington and Jonathan Starkweather now working in the High-Performance Computing Center's suite of research support information technology technicians to better support UNT research faculty and students. Remaining under the direction of Philip Baczewski, senior director, University IT, the R&SS team will continue to help students, faculty and administrators achieve their research goals using world-class, cutting-edge research technology tools and statistical analysis. 

For more information, contact Rich Herrington

MMS joins the Help Desk in Sage Hall

With Deke Isaac's retirement Jan. 31, 2017, after 27 years at UNT, his manager, Richard Sanzone, director, User IT Services, named Sharukh Mithani as the new manager of the Microcomputer Maintenance Services Shop. Mithani, manager for support services, also leads the UIT Help Desk and Sage Hall Adaptive Computer Lab. Effective Feb. 1, 2017, the MMS shop moved to Sage Hall with only one notable change: services now may be requested online through ServiceNow, UNT's IT service management software, in addition to phone and walk-in service.

Photos of Richard Sanzone and Sharuk Mithani"Other than changing the location of the office, the MMS services basically are the same," said Sanzone. "We will provide troubleshooting or advanced diagnostics, hardware repair and part replacement through our contracted vendors Apple and Dell. Colocating the MMS Shop services with the UIT Help Desk in Sage Hall, Room 130, allows our department to help faculty and staff members obtain Help Desk and MMS assistance in a one-stop shop."

The MMS Shop will continue its focus on using warranties and repair options provided by Apple and Dell with the goal of providing equivalent or improved service times by employing ServiceNow. 

For more information, contact Richard Sanzone or Sharukh Mithani.


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