UIT celebrates students all week

Carrie Stoeckert, Clarissa Hutkowski, Neal Pott during 2017 UIT Student Appreciation Week
Carrie Stoeckert, left, and Clarissa Hutkowski take time out of a busy work day with Neal Potts, student assistant in Exam, Research and Data Services, to show off his baskets of "appreciation." 

April 17, 2017 – University IT staff and students gathered during Student Appreciation Week, April 10-14, 2017, to celebrate students who work in several areas of the department. Candy-coated popcorn, peanuts and prizes were part of the festivities in the offices of the UIT Help Desk, High-Performance Computing, Sage Hall Adaptive Computer Lab, Microcomputer Maintenance Services and UIT Desktop Services. 

Supervisors from each unit presented certificates of appreciation to the 29 students in the department. Gifts of candy, gift cards to Chipotle and SUBWAY, snack foods and other goodies were part of the time set aside to reflect on the myriad of contributions and important work completed by students. 

University IT Student Assistants

Ray Banks and students celebrate Student Appreciation Week 2017Exam, Research and Data Services
Neal Potts

High-Performance Computing
Garrett Crowe
Geyani Kayyuru
Satwik Reddy Manchireddy

Microcomputer Maintenance Services
Bryce Fite
Bobby Kim
Max Quimbly
Sergio Turrubiartes

Sage Hall Adaptive Computer Lab
Zhaochen Gu

Sage Hall Computer Testing Center
Divya Agrawal
Rusheeta Chaganti
Jiayin Hao
Raymond Pinnick
Christopher Sanchez
Chau Trinh
Yayuan Zhang

UIT Desktop Services
Pictured is Ray Banks, manager, UIT Desktop Services, who treated Mia Hobbs, left, Breuna Riggins and Ola Olasoju to coffee for Student Appreciation Week.
Yumia Hobbs
Gaby Okundaye
Olawunmi Olasoju
Breuna Riggins

UIT Help Desk
Chima Akanno
Crystal Anozie
Isma Azam
Rachel Hobbs
Melinda Ithivongkham
Demi Simpson
Michael Thomas
Samuel Wiggins
Dylan White
William White

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