UIT Snapshots

March 24, 2017 • UIT Town Hall Meeting

2017 UIT Annual Town Hall Meeting

Ray Banks and Flat Scrappy stand at the head of the table during the UIT Town Hall Meeting conducted in the High-Performance Center's lobby area in the General Academic Building. #flatscrappy
Also at the table are Sharukh Mithani, left, Philip Baczewski, Robin Melendez-Martin in the back, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Jennifer Lee, Maureen Saringer, barely visible, Jacob Flores and Katrina Carpenter-Flachsbarth.

UIT Town Hall Meeting in the General Academic Building

Philip Baczewski reviews the data from IITS.

Richard Herrington's new library office.

During the UIT Town Hall, Richard Herrington enjoys a slice of pizza in the new office he has now since he moved from Sage Hall to the GAB, Room 535, in March.

March 31, 2017

Brent Lewis and Mike Chenault, Facilities Services, hang the new R&SS sign

The Research and Statistical Support offices stand out better after Kelly "Brent" Lewis and Mike Chenault, Facilities Services, installed a new sign over the offices of Richard Herrington and Jonathan Starkweather.

New sign and new offices for UIT Help Desk staff members

The University IT Help Desk and Microcomputer Maintenance staff members wave from their new location under a new sign installed this week by members of the Facilities Services' Sign Shop.

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