UIT Services Move to GAB

Jan. 12, 2018 — University Information Technology completed a move of its administrative services and other support offices from Sage Hall to the UNT General Academic Building. UIT Adaptive Computing and Learning Lab, UIT Help Desk, and Sage Hall Computer-based Testing Center services remain on the third floor of Sage Hall. About 12 University IT staff members moved from Sage Hall to the General Academic Building. Download the new office directory or find a colleague using the UIT staff directory.

University IT RelocationSage Hall office before and after the move to GAB

Office Name, Location
Adaptive Computing & Learning Lab, Sage Hall, Room 330
Administration, Budget, Communications, GAB, Room 107
Desktop Services, GAB, Room 204
Exam & Research Data Support, GAB, Room 206
High-Performance Computing, GAB, Room 535
Host Computing User Services, GAB, Room 204
Instructional IT Services, GAB, Room 205
IT User Services, Sage Hall, Room 330A
Microcomputer Maintenance Services, Sage Hall, Room 330B
Research & Statistical Support, GAB, Room 535A
Student Success Technology, GAB, Room 110C
UIT Help Desk, Sage Hall, Room 330D

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