UIS Training & Development Opportunities

UNT Training & Development Opportunties

By Allen Clark, associate vice president, University Information Services

Oct. 22, 2016 – To build and grow upon our skills on campus, I am asking that everyone – managers, support staff members, students/part-time employees, etc., within University Information Services, Transportation and Accreditation, participate in development workshops and/or courses.

Managers should select three courses from a pre-selected list of offerings through Lynda.com, or from these workshops. UNT's subscription to Lynda.com provides a wonderful tool and is accessible to all UNT employees and students using one's enterprise user identification, EUID, and password for entry.

I ask first-time supervisors to participate in the "Supervisory Building Blocks" program as a way to lay a successful foundation of management here at UNT.
Please encourage student workers to participate by watching one of the development videos found in the Lynda.com playlist. 

More than 40 pre-selected courses can be found here after logging in with your EUID and password.
I ask that everyone complete their selected development activities by the end of the fiscal year, Aug. 31, 2017, and supervisors return the provided spreadsheet when everyone within your area has completed their courses. You’ll notice that there are tabs for each area within UIS at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Dana Duke, UIS administrative coordinator, will be checking in periodically to see how everyone is doing and the progress that is being made.
We hope that you find these tools helpful and beneficial as we all work toward growing our management and team-building skills. Should you have questions, please contact Dana, 940-565-2624.

Editor's Note: If you would like to write a review a Lynda.com course for Benchmarks Online, after completing the course, please email your review of 500 words or fewer to the Benchmarks Online Editor.

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