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Staff Activities



Feb. 1: Several UIT team members were transferred to the UNT Division of Enrollment: Irene Frank, Mari Jo French, Jennifer Lee, Maureen Saringer, and Monica Scott-Taliaferro.



Dec. 20: Karen Snyder and Cindy Hall moved from the General Academic Building to the Hurley Administration Building, Room 350. Offering the same service in a different location they will have a new reporting structure too as members of University Information Services.

Dec. 7: Bob Brown, senior vice president, and Margarita Venegas, senior communications strategist, Division of Finance and Administration, visited the General Academic Building to photograph and judge the University IT staff who entered the division's Ugly Sweater Contest.

Group photo of staff in the Ugly Sweater Contest.

Dec. 6: A few UIT colleagues met for lunch at West Hall for a little pre-holiday camaraderie: Jennifer Lee, left, Maureen Saringer, Irene Frank, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner and Catherine Pike.

Jennifer Lee, left, Maureen Saringer, Irene Frank, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Catherine Pike



Nov. 29: University IT hosted an open house for Research IT Services. Approximately 50 visitors attended one of the four presentations conducted by RITS staff members. Among the distinguished visitors, Bob Brown, pictured in the holiday tie, senior vice president for the Division of Finance and Administration, stopped by for a Data Center tour and refreshments. Pictured here are Ravi Vadapalli, left, Philip Baczewski, Bob Brown, DaMiri Young, and Su Gao.

Ravi Vadapalli, Philip Baczewski, Bob Brown, DaMiri Young, Su Gao

Professional Development
Nov. 11-16: SC18, The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, Dallas

Philip Baczewski
Ravi Vadapalli
Richard Herrington
Jonathan Starkweather
Yuguang Ma

Charles Peterson
DaMiri Young
Ramya Koya, student assistant
George Mihaila, student assistant


Oct. 22-23: The National Science Foundation's Computing and Autonomic Center's Industry Advisory Board Meeting was mentioned in the Oct. 27, 2018, in the North Texas Daily article "UNT proposes to become an affiliate site of the NSF research program." Ravi Vadapalli, director, Research IT Services and former CAC site director at Texas Tech University, headed the University IT team to host the board's fall meeting Oct. 22-23 at UNT's Gateway Center. Other participants included Charles Peterson, who coordinated the student poster presentation, DaMiri Young, leader of the Data Center tour, Karen Snyder, coordinator for hotel accommodations, purchasing, venue reservation food contracts, purchasing, transportation and parking and guest reception. Lien Nguyen and Amisha Gadhia, student assistants helped with reception, collateral materials and name tags. Monica Scott provided media relations support, photography, event website management, collateral materials, event registration, management and leadership.

Students promoting cyber security awareness in OctoberUIT Marketing Office Student assistants, Amisha Gadhia, computer science graduate student, and Lien Nguyen, business analyst graduate student, have "attacked" the UIT observance of the 15th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Costumed as a cyber bug, Amisha and Lien visited dining halls, various offices on campus to encourage students and employees to download UNT-provided computer virus protection. "What's bugging your computer?" cards and Smarties® candies have been handed out to help people "remember that smart cyber security is sweet."  Contact the UIT Help Desk for help downloading your anti-virus computer protection today!

Professional Development
Katrina Flachsbarth
, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Oct. 31–Nov. 2, Denver, Colo.
Kris Selby, JAMF Nation User Conference, Oct. 23-25, Minneapolis, Minn.
Samuel Wiggins, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Oct. 31–Nov. 2, Denver, Colo.

University IT Team members pose with the Cyber Bug


Sept. 1: Kris Selby, cross-functional IT manager, Instructional IT Services, from Willis Library.

Breakfast with Bob: Jacob Flores, ITUS, was invited this month to have breakfast with Bob Brown, senior vice president, Finance and Administration Division.

Professional Development
Irene Frank, Dreamforce 2018, Sept. 25-28, 2018, San Francisco, Calif.
Maureen Saringer, Dreamforce 2018, Sept. 25-28-, 2018, San Francisco, Calif.

Jacob Flores joined FAD staff to have Breakfast with Bob Brown


Karen SnyderAug. 17: Karen Snyder, senior administrative coordinator, UIT Administrative Services, pauses for quick snapshot of her Hawaiian shirt worn in observance of Hawaiian Day in the Division of Finance and Administration.

DaMiri Young at Breakfast with Bob Brown eventBreakfast with Bob: DaMiri Young, HPC, was invited this month to have breakfast with Bob Brown, senior vice president, Finance and Administration Division.

Aug. 6:
 Cindy Hall, senior administrative specialist, Administrative Services, UIT, from Controller Operations, UNT System


DaMiri Young, Brittney Cause, Philip Baczewski, Ravi Vadapallie

July 11: Ravi Vadapalli, director, Research IT Services, presented partnership opportunities to Brittany Causey, UNT Development, and information about UNT's new affiliate site of the NSF Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center. DaMiri Young, pictured left, Brittany Causey, Philip Baczewski, Ravi Vadapalli.

Professional Development
Yonathan Khoe, MacAdmins Conference at Penn State, July 10-13, State College, Penn.


July 5:
Raymond Banks accepted a job in the private sector.


June 22:
Clarissa Hutkowski, senior administrative specialist, departed UIT to work in the College of Visual Arts and Design as an academic advisor.


May 23: UIT staff attend annual Finance and Administration Divisionwide Meeting; only the offices of UIT Administrative Services and Exam & Research Data Services closed.

May 16: Samuel Wiggins, IT service desk manager, Instructional IT Services

May 14: Exam and Research Data Services staff begin summer hours, 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday-Friday

May 11: UIT Annual Town Hall Meeting, 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m., GAB, Room 534


Full-time UIT
Sharukh Mithani, B.S., Business Computer Information Systems, UNT College of Business

Student Assistants
Garrett Crowe – B.S., Information Technology
Mounica Guthy – M.S., Computer Engineering
Srinivas Hundewar – M.S., Computer Engineering
Nishitha Jarubula – M.S., Computer Engineering
Sharanya Peddi – M.S., Computer Science
Abhishek Ramapuram – M.S., Information Science
Shuangjia Yang – M.S., Accounting
Yayuan Zhang – M.S., Accounting

May 10: Ravi Vadapalli, director, IT Support, Research IT Services


March 22: Yonathan Khoe empties his mail tray.

Yonathan Khoe picking up mail.










March 14: Catherine Brown, left, Clarissa Hutkowski, Karen Snyder and Jacob Flores attended the Staff Appreciation Tour of Apogee Stadium.

Catherine Brown, left, Clarissa Hutkowski, Karen Snyder and Jacob Flores


Professional Development
Feb. 23: Yonathan Khoe earned the Certified Caspar Administrator certification.


Professional Development
Jan. 23-24: Monica Scott-Taliaferro attended the Copywriter's Workshop, National Seminars Training.

Jan. 12: The cold snap this month has UIT staff members wearing Mean Green sweatshirts this Friday. Pictured in sweatshirts from the UNT Office of Orientation and Transfer Programs' sale to benefit the UNT Parents' Association are Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, left, Mari Jo French, Philip Baczewski, Karen Snyder and Clarissa Hutkowski.

Left to right, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Mari Jo French, Philip Baczewski, Karen Snyder and Clarissa Hutkowski on sweatshirt Friday.

Jan. 10-11: University Information Technology completed a move of its administrative services and other support offices from Sage Hall to the UNT General Academic Building. UIT Adaptive Computing and Learning Lab, UIT Help Desk, and Sage Hall Computer-based Testing Center services have remained on the third floor of Sage Hall. About 12 University IT staff members moved from Sage Hall to the General Academic Building. New office directory.



UNT Graduation
Clarissa Hutkowski,
BAAS, Business Management, UNT College of Business

Student Assistant
Samuel Wiggins
, BFA, drawing and painting, College of Visual Arts and Design

Benjamin Regalado pictured with the UIT table at the UNT Resource Fair for new students, Dec. 8, 2017.New Role
Orientation season kicked off Dec. 8, 2017, for new and transfer students joining UNT this spring. Benjamin Regalado, junior avionics logistics major and new student assistant for UIT marketing and administration, will represent University IT at the upcoming Student Success Sessions for Campus Technology and present the UIT Technology Tour to incoming students. 

Professional Development
Dec. 1: Raymond Banks earned the Certified Caspar Administrator certification.


Professional Development
Banks, Raymond and Yonathan Khoe attended Jamf Nation classes in Dallas, Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 2017.
DaMiri Young pictured shaking hands with UNT Vice President Bob BrownDaMiri Young received a certificate of achievement Nov. 26, 2017, from Bob Brown, vice president, Division of Finance and Administration, for completing the UNT System HR Supervisory Building Blocks course of instruction over the past nine months.
Yuguang Ma, Charles Peterson, SC 17, International Conference for High-Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, Nov. 12-17, 2017, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colo.
Jennifer Lee, Maureen Saringer, Dreamforce: Salesforce Conference, Nov. 6-9, 2017, San Francisco
Richard Sanzone, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2017, Philadelphia

Catherine Brown, UIT, helped at the Bake Sale to raise money for SECC.



Catherine Brown helped raise money for the State Employee Charitable Campaign at the Oct. 31 UIT Bake Sale.
Help Desk, Microcomputer Maintenance Services and the Adaptive Technology and Learning Lab moved to Room 330 in Sage Hall effective Oct. 2.

Professional Development
Raymond Banks, Yonathan Khoe, Jamf Nation User Conference, Oct. 24-26, 2017, Minneapolis, Minn.
Jennifer Lee, NACADA, Oct. 11-13, 2017, St. Louis


UIT Presentations • Sept. 29, 2017 – I.T. Works! Conference Day
  Philip Baczewski and DaMiri Young: High-Performance Computing
  Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner: Online Testing and Analytic Services
  Jennifer Lee, Kem Marcum: Customer Relationship Management
  Richard Sanzone and Sharukh Mithani: Printing with PaperCut

Photo of Catherine Brown, new administrative assistant in the Exam and Research Data Services Office.Catherine Brown, administrative assistant, Exam and Research Data Services, Instructional IT Services

Jennifer Spillman, Student Success Technology, accepted a position at a private company in Dallas

Sept. 18: Job title changes


Photo of Clarissa Hutkowski, Maureen Saringer, Karen Snyder and Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner at the UNT Planetarium for the Aug. 21, 2017 solar eclipse.
Solar eclipse watchers Clarissa Hutkowski, left, Maureen Saringer, Karen Snyder and Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner take in the sun Aug. 21 at UNT's Rafes Urban Astronomy Center.


Professional Development
Yonathan Khoe, IT specialist, Instructional IT Services, attended MacAdmins Conference, July 10-13, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pa.
Katrina Flachsbarth, IT specialist, IT User Services, attended the CompTIA ChannelCon 2017 Conference, July 31-Aug. 2, in Austin, Texas.

New to UIT
Karen Snyder, administrative coordinator, joins UIT from the UNT Division of Student Affairs succeeding in the position vacated by Mari Jo French.

Role Change
Clarissa Hutkowski moved from Exam and Research Data Services to UIT Administration succeeding in the position left by Robin Melendez-Martin.


Congratulations: New Role in UIT
Mari Jo French, assistant director, Planning, Budget and Communications

Robin Melendez-Martin, accepted a new position in UNT Facilities Services as the contract administrator.


Congratulations to UNT Graduates

Jennifer Spillman, Student Success Technology: Master of Science, Information Science, Health Informatics, magna cum laude
Carrie Stoeckert, Planning, Budget and Communications: Master of Science, Learning Technologies, summa cum laude

Student Assistants

Divya Agrawal, Computer-Based Testing Center: Master of Science, Kinesiology
Crystal Anozie, Help Desk: Bachelor of Science, Rehabilitation Studies
Rusheeta Chaganti, Computer-Based Testing Center: Master of Science, Electrical Engineering
Bryce Fite, Microcomputer Maintenance Services: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Maria Gu, Adaptive Computer Lab: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Jiayin Hao, Computer-Based Testing Center: Master of Science, Accounting
Geyani Kayyuru, High-Performance Computing: Master of Science, Electrical Engineering
Satwik Reddy Manchireddy, High-Performance Computing: Master of Science, Computer Science and Engineering
Gaby Okundaye, UIT Desktop Services: Master of Arts, International Studies
Max Quimby, Microcomputer Maintenance Services: Bachelor of Science, Biology
Raymond Pinnick, Computer-Based Testing Center: Master of Science, Engineering Management
Chau Trinh, Computer-Based Testing Center: Master of Science, Accounting


UIT celebrates Student Appreciation Week

Robin Melendez-Martin was named HUB Champion by the UNT System Business Service Center.
Jennifer Spillman earned the Salesforce® Certified Administrator credential.

Carrie Stoeckert, assistant director for planning, budget and communications, transfers to Transportation and Parking Services as the new director for parking services effective April 24, 2017.

Professional Development
April 27-29, 2017, 5th Annual Salesforce® Higher Education Summit, Austin, Texas
   Jennifer Lee
   Maureen Saringer
   Jennifer Spillman


UIT Town Hall Snapshots
Professional Development
Philip Baczewski
, DaMiri Young, Dell EMC HPC Community, March 27-30, 2017, Austin, Texas

New staff
Breuna Riggins, student assistant, UIT Desktop Services

Service Awards
Jacob Flores
, five years
Richard Herrington, 20 years
Yonathan Khoe, five years
JoAnn Luksich, 21 years
Jonathan Starkweather, six years

UIT Town Hall Meeting  •  March 24
Philip Baczewski reviewed data on the slides submitted by each department that detailed each unit's 2016 data and accomplishments during the annual get-together. 


Role Change
Sharukh Mithani, IT manager, succeeds Deke Isaac as the manager for Microcomputer Maintenance Services with a new title as manager, UIT Support Services, and remains in the same workgroup led by Richard Sanzone, director for IT User Services, Feb. 1, 2017.
Katrina Carpenter, IT specialist, also has a new title as assistant manager, UIT Support Services.

Feb. 12, 20107: Richard Sanzone, director, IT User Services, UIT, won the Galveston Marathon in the category for males, ages 35-39.

  Overall   ------------ 1st Half ------------ ------------ 2nd Half ------------ Time Chip Gun
Place Place Name Bib No Age Rnk Time Pace Rnk Time Pace Back Time Time
1 5 Richard Sanzone 853 38 1 1:39:40.4 7:36/M 1 1:34:43.0 7:14/M   3:14:23.4 3:14:41.2


David "Deke" Isaac, IT managerJan. 31, 2017: David "Deke" Isaac, pictured right, IT manager, Microcomputer Maintenance Services, 27 years of service


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