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Equal sample means are not sufficient to infer equal groups in a population, by Jonathan Starkweather, Ph.D.

Science is a difficult enterprise, but it is worth it, by Richard Herrington, Ph.D.

A more efficient and consistent way of fitting PLS structural models: A better alternative to SEM than traditional PLS, by Jonathan Starkweather, Ph.D.


Data Analysis Perspectives by Richard Herrington, Ph.D.

A new recommended way of dealing with multiple missing values: Using missForest for all your imputation needs. Originally published July 2014, by Jonathan Starkweather, Ph.D.

Statistical Resources, Update, Version 5 by Jonathan Starkweather, Ph.D.
The Torpedo that Sank Least Squares: The Data Strike Back, Part 1 by Richard Herrington, Ph.D.

Explicit Bayes: Working Concrete Examples to Introduce the Bayesian Perspective by Jonathan Starkweather, Ph.D.

Plotting Geographical Data: A Brief Introduction by Jonathan Starkweather, Ph.D.

Statistical Resources, Update, Version 4 by Jonathan Starkweather, Ph.D.


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