UNT Qualtrics Support Web Page is now Available

June 25, 2019

In 2018, University Information Technology, UIT, took over management of the Qualtrics Survey platform subscription that serves the data collection needs of the UNT campus. Qualtrics is an easy to use survey platform that is available to all students, faculty, and staff via the my.unt.edu platform as well as via a direct login. While it's easy to get started on Qualtrics and create simple surveys, there are also many other advanced features, such as authentication, branching, and survey panel management that can be used to create a survey tool that best supports the data collection effort. UIT has created a Qualtrics support page (it.unt.edu/qualtrics) to provide a starting point for accessing Qualtrics and to offer links to the many learning and support resources that Qualtrics provides as part of UNT's subscription to the service.

Qualtrics offers some excellent learning resources both in the form of Basic Overview web pages as well as videos that they provide as part of their "Basecamp" learning platform. You'll find links to these and other resources on the Qualtrics support page along with a link that allows you to directly log into the Qualtrics platform without having to log in to my.unt.edu first. UIT now serves as UNT's Brand Administrator and manages accounts for the UNT campus.  Should you need to transfer ownership of a survey, enable a special permission on an account, or create a team/division for your unit to aid with collaboration, please submit an IT Help support ticket. And if you have general questions about accessing Qualtrics, you can always contact the UIT Help Desk at 940-565-2324 or helpdesk@unt.edu.

Editor's Note: Please note that information in each edition of Benchmarks Online is likely to change or degrade over time, especially the links to various websites. For current information on a specific topic, search the UNT website, UNT's UIT Help Desk or the world wide web. Email your questions and comments to the UNT University Information Technology Department or call 940-565-2324.