Dallas Arboretum 2017 Fall Exhibition Wizard of Oz Photo courtesy of Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Exterior view of the UNT Business Leadership BuildingCampus Computing: College of Business and UIT collaboration increases mobile-testing capability

During the premiere of a new service – laptop testing for Professor Melody White's Business Computing Information Systems course – the internet went down at UNT – and at 50 other major organizations in Texas – for 90 minutes due to an issue with the internet service provider. Of course, it did – something that "never" happens, did. Read more.

Network Connection: What's in an algorithm?

Cover of Cathy O'Neil's book, Weapons of Math DestructionBy Philip Baczewski, executive director, University IT
Recent news has been filled with stories related to the algorithmic workings of some of the most popular services on the internet. You've probably seen these under headlines about "fake news", "Russian ads", or "misidentified shooter." What you may not realize is that the services involved (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others) are operated more by computers than by people. Large parallel computer systems are used to process data and user interactions using complex algorithms that manage and present information based on the profile of the user and the nature of the information. Read more.

Photo of a hand holding a smartphone with the UNT mobile app on the screen.Help Desk FYI: UNT mobile app – five useful features

Check out these five useful features in UNT’s mobile app! The mobile app was built from the ground up with busy students (and future students) in mind. Now, you can access everything you need from UNT while you are on the go. Get your grades, find your classes, learn about university events and contact faculty members − all with a few swipes and taps. Read more.

Research Matters: Intro to RStudio

Image of graphic that says R StudioBy Jonathan Starkweather, statistical analyst research specialist, Research and Statistical Support, University IT
Check out a brief overview of RStudio settings and setup including preferences and reasons for them. To explore all the functions, features, and customization of RStudio, I recommend starting with their website. Once it has been downloaded and installed (note: you will need administrator privileges when using a Windows machine) you will no longer need to open R to use it; instead, you will simply open RStudio and use R through RStudio. Read more.

Cartoon: Humor in IT

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Faculty now have a "Remark®-able" new test-grading service from ERDS

The newly acquired Remark® Remote Exam-Grading service now allows faculty to prepare and print exam forms in the comfort of their own office. UIT Exam Services will scan the exams and send the data to a pre-determined, secure location. Faculty then can modify – if needed, and save reports, all from your Windows PC, Mac or tablet. Read more.

New MATLAB/Simulink portal makes access easier

Mathworks®, the parent company of the MATLAB and Simulink math and science software, has created a new online portal that makes it easier to access the software for home use. UNT's license for MATLAB/Simulink allows for home use by employees and students in support of academic research or study. Students and faculty may download and install MATLAB on their personal computers for use while they are away from campus computer resources. Read more.

User Support Services move up in Sage Hall

Newly renovated offices were ready Oct. 2 for User Support Services to move into Room 330 of Sage Hall. The Adaptive Computer Lab, Microcomputer Maintenance Services and UIT Help Desk now are settled into five rooms of an area that previously was a classroom. Read more.

Mike Spice, Chris Stoermer, Dorothy Flores at IT Works ConferenceI.T. Works! Conference wraps up a big success • See the conference photos!

The Sept. 29, 2017, conference conducted by and for information technology professionals, I.T. Works!, was a day for networking, learning and sharing. Read more.

UIT Bake Sale is Oct. 27 for SECC

Photo of baked cookies, brownies, and muffinsBuy baked goods on sale Oct. 27, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the UIT Help Desk, Sage Hall, Room 330, to benefit the State Employee Charitable Campaign, an annual workplace giving and fundraising initiative authorized by the Texas Legislature. To donate items to be sold, please note that all goods must be store bought to meet health regulations. This year’s campaign runs through Oct. 31, 2017. A small contribution goes a long way, particularly when we are giving here in Denton and making an impact locally, so, please buy a baked goodie from UIT! Contact Catherine Brown, Exam and Research Data Support, to donate goods to add to the sale.

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month • Deadline to complete your training: Nov. 15

Our data is being collected constantly, and unfortunately, many people don't know exactly what is being tracked our how it's being used. Cybersecurity expert Ondrej Krehel explains how escaping the grasps of giant tech companies is a little more complicated than simply deleting your social media accounts. View video now.

UNT Finance and Administration Division sets annual meeting for May 23Finance and Administration Division sets the annual meeting date

Mark your calendar for the 2018 F&AD meeting.

Department of Information Science adds new data science graduate program

UNT student's app cleans up social media accounts

Supercomputing Conference, SC17, highlights Nobel Prize-Winning LIGO collaboration in first HPC Connects video

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak just launched a new startup to reinvent tech-industry training

Steve "Woz" Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and inventor of the Apple II computer, announced the launch of his latest startup, Woz U. Read more.

Biking Around to Fight Dementia

Check out how an inventor paired technology with a bike to help dementia patients remember. Watch now.

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