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News Roundup 2017

Welcome Back
New Lab: A Computer Lab Gone Virtual
UNT Researchers make Meth in their Lab for Drug-test Device
EDUCAUSE Interview: Provost Vernon C. Price
What's Eating your RAM? Use the Google Chrome Task Manager to Find Out
How this Startup is Digitizing Divorce
Facebook may have Lost Young People Forever
13 Technologies that are Safer than Passwords
A Hand-Worn Keyboard Lets You Type on Any Surface

Finance and Administration Divisionwide Meeting Learning-Session Registration ends May 15
First Lady includes IT in her new initiative
Education technology: Hardware, software and deployment
Survey shows majority of finance leaders plan to boost investments in innovative technologies

Research Projects Support moves to GAB and Other UIT services move too
HUB Vendor Battles Germs with Better Technology
Is it possible to be allergic to Wi-Fi?
Do you know the top 10 IT issues for 2018?
"Black Panther" a watershed in cultural history of African Americans
Pogocam: product review and video
Edge computing becoming indispensable
Technologies that can change the world

Is your information safe?
UIT is on the move again
UNT implements new technology for efficient cluster management
The Section 508 refresh and what it means for higher education
NIST seeks comments on proposed cybersecurity framework update
Cool: Microsoft’s Q# quantum programming language out now in preview.

Faculty Now Have a "Remark®-able" New Test-Grading Service from ERDS
New MATLAB/Simulink portal makes access easier
User Support Services move up in Sage Hall
Enjoy Low-Tech Fun at the Dallas Arboretum
UIT's User Support Services Move Up in Sage Hall
2017 I.T. Works! Conference Wraps Up a Big Success
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month • Deadline for training: Nov. 15
Finance and Administration Division Sets Annual Meeting in May 2018
UNT Department of Information Science Adds New Data Science Degree Program
UNT Student's App Cleans Up Social Media Accounts
Supercomputing Conference, SC17, Highlights Nobel Prize-Winning LIGO Collaboration
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak just launched a new startup to reinvent tech-industry training

I.T. Works! Conference Day update
How cryptocurrencies work
AITS newsletter
Generation I: the lonely ones
New app that makes car mechanics mad

Division of Finance and Administration annual meeting recap
UNT Drupal users to review pilot phase of training this summer
UNT demonstrates drone-provided cellphone service for disaster responses
Mean Green fans can vote for flag design for 120-foot tall flagpole near Apogee Stadium
New mactracks Apple-authorized service provider visits Discovery Park
Handheld device ban in City of Denton is a Class C misdemeanor with a fine up to $500
Cybersecurity in higher education: thoughts, fears and empowerment
The age of quantum computers has arrived
IT – it's in your skin: soundwave art: listen
You may never walk and text on your cell phone again after seeing this

Appreciation: a week set aside to celebrate year round student-employee contributions
Cybersecurity self-defense: how to make your smartphone more secure
Drupal: Web coordinators, developers gather at the kickoff for long-awaited training
EDUCAUSE is tracking key issues in teaching and learning: what matters most in 2017
How North Texas universities are improving tech education
University IT Launches Talon 3
UNT System Business Service Center recognizes Robin Melendez-Martin as a HUB champion
UNT researcher wins a grant to develop digital technology for use in the textile industry
UNT President announces update to key IT initiatives
USENIX Conference convenes at UNT to discuss storage architectures

African American History Month, Computers in Skirts & More
Drupal-User Training is in the Offing and Getting Closer
E911: Text for Emergency Services in Denton County
UIT moves R&SS, MMS to new sites

News Roundup 2016

UIS Training and Development Requirement
Gadgets that Wage War on Winter
Security Awareness Training
President Obama Websites Preserved as Part of UNT Collaboration

Ram Dantu, Ph.D., UNT Professor Named for Regional Award from D Magazine
Mary C. Jones, Ph.D., Dallas Business Journal Recognizes UNT Professor

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