Network Connection Archives, 2016

Articles by Philip Baczewski, executive director, University Information Technology


August: 5 Gee!

Reports are that Verizon is close to making a deal to sign up video providers for their 5G wireless service that's about to be launched later this year. This brings up the question, "what the heck is 5g?" You might just intuit that it's the thing that will replace 4G, but that may not be a complete answer. It follows that 5G must be better than 4G, but what's the actual benefit that we can expect from 5G? To answer that question, you need to talk about one thing: bandwidth. Read more.

May: Fair Credit
February: Bitcoins in the News


December: It's not paranoia...
October: What's in an algorithm?
August: Live and Learn
June: Open the Pod Bay Doors
April: Rabbit Ears?
February: Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave



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