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Welcome to Hotspot, a small spot online where UNT computing and information technology professionals and associated staff can rave about themselves, their geekiness and contributions to transforming UNT into a nationally prominent university. This is the good news area – the place to learn about colleagues in action, their roles and how members of the IT community are raising the benchmarks of excellence!

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Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, distinguished research professor, Department of Physics, College of Science

Scott Belshaw, professor of criminal justice, Department of Criminal Justice, College of Health and Public Service
Daniel Griffith, cross functional IT support specialist, AITS
Janice Hauge, professor of economics, associate chair, Department of Economics, UNT College of Liberal Arts and Social Science

Rebecca Cagle, senior project program coordinator, UNT WISE
Nicole Lyssy, communications student from Austin, Texas
Ravi Vadapalli, director, Research IT Services, University IT

Jonathan Piott, college/department web manager, Administrative IT Services, University Information Services


Sharon Huang, university web developer/programmer, Administrative IT Services, University Information Services
Dan J. Kim, professor, Information Technology and Decision Sciences, College of Business

G. Andrés Cisneros, associate professor and computational chemist, Department of Chemistry, College of Science

Matthew Berry, IT specialist, Administrative IT Services
Ram Dantu, professor, computer science and engineering, College of Engineering

Clarissa Hutkowski, administrative specialist, Exam and Research Data Services, UIT
Jacob Stein, IT specialist II, Administrative IT Services

Michele Hindman, senior web architecture manager, College of Arts and Sciences IT Services
Oscar Montero, IT specialist IV, Administrative IT Services
DaMiri Young, computer systems manager IV, High-Performance Computing, UIT

Leah Atinda, IT specialist III, Administrative IT Services
David "Deke" Isaac, manager, Microcomputer Maintenance Services, UIT
James Strawn, student computing manager, Student Computing Services, College of Arts and Sciences IT Services 


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