Use the Clutter Feature to Sort in Outlook

cartoon of a cluttered room

The Clutter Feature Helps You Sort Low-priority Emails in Outlook

By Sharukh Mithani, manager, UIT Help Desk

June 15, 2016 – Clutter is a mailbox management feature in Microsoft® Outlook that is designed to help you see your most important emails first. Based on how you manage your email, your Clutter folder will begin to fill automatically with emails that you frequently ignore. You also can help determine clutter by dragging emails from your inbox to the Clutter folder. This feature is different from junk filtering that is designed to prevent spam and unsolicited email from reaching you.

Although the Clutter feature may be useful for many people, it can be disabled easily should it become a distraction. Please follow these instructions to disable or re-enable Clutter.

To disable/enable Clutter:

1. Sign into Outlook through the web interface.

Image of email web interface for UNT email

2. Click on the "Settings" icon near the top right corner

3. Type “Clutter” in the search box, and then click on “Clutter” option that appears in the search.

image in UNT email account for the Settings feature

4. Uncheck “Separate items identified as clutter." to disable clutter. Or, check “Separate items identified as clutter” to enable clutter.

image of the Clutter feature in Outlook email accounts

5. Select "Save"

NOTE: Clutter is a recently introduced feature of Microsoft® Outlook and has been enabled on all accounts by default. If you have had email recently go missing, it may have been moved to clutter. 

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