Download McAfee® Antivirus for Windows machine

New Look, Same Great Security • Downloading McAfee® Antivirus on your Windows machine

McAfee® Antivirus is the free software available to students, faculty and staff.

The process to download McAfee® Anitvirus has changed; the instructions below will walk you through the download process.

1. Visit

2. Scroll down, read the agreement and choose Endpoint Security 10 for Microsoft Windows.

3. Sign in with your EUID and password on the Authentication pop-up, and the download will begin.
Authentication pop up will appear

4. Extract the download by clicking on the downloaded folder, and then select Extract->Extract All, and set where you want the extracted files saved.Extract the download by clicking on the download folder

Extract the compressed folders

5. Run the setupEP file, and follow the process.

Should you run into any issues downloading the software, or have any questions regarding the process, please contact the UIT Help Desk.

Call, click or come by!

940-565-2324   |   Online Help Desk   |   |   Sage Hall, Room 233


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