Eduroam: how to access this network

Eduroam logo

When connecting to Wi-Fi at UNT, you may have noticed a network called eduroam. This network is a global Wi-Fi service enabling researchers, students and staff to obtain secure and fast internet connectivity across campuses and millions of access points across the globe. This benefits visiting researchers and faculty traveling for scholarly and collaborative work, students studying abroad and visiting other campuses, and anyone traveling to another participating organization. Since individuals use their home credentials, there is no need to provision guest accounts to these visitors.

Worldwide connectivity

When visiting another eduroam-participating institution, you can connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network. Check out the list of U.S. participating campuses and other worldwide locations.

How to access the network

Screenshot of the Eduroam portal for entering the user's credentialsAt an eduroam campus, pull up the available wireless networks on your device, then locate and select the eduroam option.
Once you select eduroam, a login screen appears.

To log in, enter one of the accepted forms below for your username and your UNT password. Click on the word join, to connect.

Using your personal EUID, enter one of the accepted forms.


Example of a wireless device's Wi-Fi panel listing various networks as connection options.

For more information about eduroam, visit  Global eduroamU.S. eduroam, UNT System ITSS or the UIT Tech Tour.

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