Help Desk FYI: Back-to-School IT Tips

Aug. 15, 2017 – The fall semester is just around the corner, so here are five Techno Tips for new students, and refreshers for returning students.

List of icons depicting MS Office, Blackboard Learn, Phishing, AMS and ResNet1) Be sure to install Microsoft© Office 365

If you are a new or returning student who needs to install Microsoft© Office 365, find the installation process online. Take advantage of this software, as it will be beneficial for school work!

2) Be aware that Blackboard Learn courses are not available before the semester begins.

Courses won’t appear in Blackboard Learn until either the first day of classes or the date your instructor chooses to make it available. If you’re not seeing courses on the first day of class, try contacting your instructor to see when it may become available.

3) Stay alert for phishing emails!

Keep an eye out for any suspicious emails that are asking for personal info. If you’re unsure about an email, do not click any links or give any of your identification information away. Instead, attach the suspicious message to a new email – don't forward it – and then send your new email to the Help Desk to check the validity of the email. 

4) Check whether your password is expired.

If you find you’re unable to login to your account, it could be that your password expired over the summer break. Whether it has expired or was forgotten, you can go to the online Account Management System to reset it. 

5) Use the wireless networks available on campus.

Two wireless networks are available in all academic and service buildings to use, UNT, the recommended network, and Eaglenet. You can login to the networks with your EUID and password. ResNet, provided by a third-party provider, is the wireless network available only to UNT housing residents and is supported by Apogee, Inc. 

Questions? Contact the UIT Help Desk!  Online ~ Email  |  940-565-2324  |  Sage Hall, Room 330

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