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Abraham John, senior director, AITS

December 2016

AITS and you: how can we help? by Aaron Powers, IT manager, AITS, UNT
Sending encrypted email messages by Abraham John, senior director, AITS, UNT
Pop-up blockers by Chris Stoermer, IT manager, AITS, UNT
New EIS user training by Dorothy Flores, executive director, Enterprise Applications, UNT System
Phishing by Paula Mears, lead IT security analyst, Information Security and Compliance, UNT System
Personally Identifiable Information, PII by Mickie Tate, senior director, Internal Audit, UNT System
Virtual Private Networking, VPN by Troy Bacon, IT manager, AITS, UNT
EMV – Credit Cards by Jason McMullen, IT manager, AITS, UNT
Internet of Things, IoT by Christopher Horiates, IT manager, AITS, UNT
Apple’s New Approach to Privacy in iOS 10 by Christopher Johnson, IT manager, AITS, UNT

August 2016

Did you know that optical media, such as DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs and CDs, store information in binary form and are referred to as pits and lands?
How data is written on a CD

Excel 2016 for Mac Offers Genuine Business Functionality by Christopher Johnson, IT manager, AITS
ID Theft on Facebook by Troy Bacon, IT manager, AITS
Managing the Influx of Email by Aaron Powers, IT manager, AITS
Phishing – Don't Click on That! by Jason McMullen, IT manager, AITS 
Ransomware – A Rising Threat by Abraham John, seniior director, AITS


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