Save the date now for I.T. Works! in September

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Information technology conference day planning is underway

June 15, 2017 – Upon asking Abraham John, senior director, Administrative IT Services, to plan an information technology conference, a strong collaboration now is taking shape for a great conference in the fall, said Allen Clark, associate vice president, University Information Services.

Under John's leadership, team members of UNT’s University Information Services and UNT System’s Information Technology Shared Services began their work to present a conference named I.T. Works! on Sept. 29, 2017, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., in the UNT Gateway Banquet and Conference Center. The conference will focus on the present and future of IT at UNT. Faculty, staff members and students will be invited to attend the conference when registration opens soon.

The conference's theme captures the tremendous work being done by IT academics and professionals, said John. Through presentations in breakout sessions, the conference will capture the depth and breadth of innovation, automation and operations at UNT and UNT System. In the advanced topics presentations by UNT faculty and IT professionals, the conference will encapsulate advanced theoretical considerations, evolving academic needs versus operational security and future trends. In more than 20 presentations and a discussion panel that are planned, faculty and staff presenters will discuss why IT projects fail, artificial intelligence, analytics and more. Also, the conference will highlight the strategic, tactical, and deeply operational parts of IT that provide UNT a competitive advantage, he said.

Other representatives supporting various aspects of the conference include those from University IT, Classroom Support Services, the College of Business Information and Decision Sciences, College of Information and members of the distributed IT teams across the university, who are working to set the stage for a productive exchange of experiences, John said.

Members of the committee also include additional representatives from UIS’ Administrative IT Services and the Office of Accreditation, Finance and Administration's Office of Organizational Development and University Relations, Communications and Marketing. A keynote speaker will be confirmed by Rama Dhuwaraha, UNT System ITSS vice chancellor and chief information officer, and announced at a later date.

Members of the planning committee are Abraham John and Chris Stoermer, AITS, and Athanasios Galiopoulos, ITSS.

Other Committee Members                             
Allen Clark, UIS
Philip Baczewski, UIT                            
Chauncey Cox, URCM
Kayla Green, College of Engineering
Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, UIT
Marion Knost, ITSS
Margarita Venegas, Organizational Development
Elizabeth Vogt, UIS
Ashley Wood, UIS

For more information, please check your email for announcements or contact AITS, 940-565-4790,