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Benchmarks Online, August 2016

Campus Computing News

New UNT Direct Deposit Process

Phishing Attempts Change UNT Direct Deposit Process
From Bob Brown, vice president for Finance and Administration
Message to UNT Employees: If you are changing your direct deposit bank information or setting it up for the first time, there have been some recent process changes that will affect you. Read more about it.

Swivl Technology: Are Your Presentation Skills Ready?
An interview with Ruthanne "Rudi" Thompson, associate professor and co-director of Teach North Texas.

Photo of Swivl robot

Entering freshmen now can step into a teaching opportunity in their first semester at UNT to help determine whether teaching is their passion or pain, something to pursue – or not. To help students see themselves in a teaching career, Teach North Texas, a UNT teacher preparatory program, adopted a handy little gadget called the Swivl to try during the 2015-2016 academic year. It is a robot, but Swivl also is a relevant tool for current faculty and others who make public presentations.

The one-pound robot's base allows 360-degrees of rotation, 25 degrees of tilt and its use in the classroom helps students gain confidence, learn better presentation skills, and save the department money and time. Providing that early teaching opportunity is just one of the innovations that the Teach North Texas program offers to prospective secondary teachers of mathematics and science as the program embraces innovative approaches to teaching and learning the STEM subjects. Read more about it.

How Technology will Change the Look of College Football
As Wren Baker, UNT vice president and director of athletics, settles in to his position this fall, and the Mean Green team takes on hometown rival SMU at Apogee on Sept. 3, some of us wonder what's new in technology for athletics? Technological advances within stadiums helped the NCAA approve video being used inside locker rooms and in coaches' boxes as a teaching tool starting in 2017. That rule was initially passed for 2016, but it was tabled in order to develop guidelines that ensure it is applied consistently throughout all levels of college football, as well as between home and road teams. Read more about it.

image of olympic rings
Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil – With two weeks to go before the competitions began, the executive in charge of IT talked about delivering the tech behind the Games.  Also, Rio airport completed an IT overhaul and Visa has NFC wearables in trials aimed at increasing awareness of the contactless payment method in Brazil.

Educause annual conference banner
VIDEO: Annual Conference Preview

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People in the Zone

Photo of Ginger Boone, UNT Facilities information technology
Ginger Boone

John Mayfield, web designer
John Mayfield

Charlotte Russell

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